• Any legally established/recognized Private, Governmental, non-government (NGOs) Civil societies, Bilateral Organizations, Societies, Associations, Research and Academic institutions and Communities can be a member of Nitsuh Ethiopia.
  • Members will get information updates and advises free of charge
  • Members will get training opportunities, consultations services and technical supports in a reduced and subsidized price. (Separate conditions will apply)
  • Members will announce and advertise their services and products in reduced and subsidized price. (Separate conditions will apply)
  • Post related articles, announcements and other related information in our website and other outlets free of charge (Separate conditions will apply)


  • No history, current activity and future plane of contamination or pollution of the environment, affects the biodiversity, health and welding of humans and other animals.
  • Maintained the safety and will being of employees
  • Ready for positive progress and facilitate assessments and technical support if necessary.
  • Never abuse nature,
  • Never allow/accept the distraction of the environment and the suffering of other animals.
  • Never look toilet facilities and we will make sure its cleannes

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