Physical Environment

The physical environment is part of human environment that refers to the physical factor of the surroundings. That includes the natural and man made structures people used to interact in their day to day life. The geography of the area mostly influenced by its latitude and altitude variations of the area like the mountains, revers, lacks or other water bodies, buildings, bridges, malls and other infrastructures in the immediate environment of individuals and the community.

The physical environment has direct and indirect influences on health, safety well being of an individual and the surrounding communities at large.  The physical environment can favor or disfavor the emergence and transmission of certain diseases eg. areas above 2,500 matters of sea level are mostly free from malaria and other tropical diseases whereas people in such areas used to suffer from cold, epidemic typhus and the like.

The physical environment are also vulnerable to change due to human activities and natural phenomena like erosion, deforestation, construction projects, wield fire, earth quake, landslide, air, water, soil pollution and contamination from biological and chemical environment/sources.  

The physical environment associated with the ambient noise, lighting, indoor air quality and/or thermal comforts etc that can contribute to safety, clean, and comfortable surroundings of community. The physical environment affects the way people behave and interacts.

Confined urban centers and skyscrapers forced people to feel stressed, insignificant and exposed to dangerous gases and pollutants. Numerous evidence have been showing that, suicide and crime rate are high in such places.  

Global warming and climate change due to massive emission of greenhouse gases, human engendered actives, pollution, population growth and settlement patterns are changing our physical environment irreversibly. In some cases, the situation can reach beyond the rehabilitation and carrying capacity of the environment.

Nitsuh Ethiopia evaluates the impact of human activates on the physical environment and the impact of the environment on health and well being of the society and advocate for awareness and wise use of natural resources to ensure sustainability with proper adaption and climate change resilience lifestyle and economy, click her to contact us.