Nitsuh Ethiopia bound itself to provide wide range of professional consultancy services on Health, Safety and Environment.  We have pool of world class and national level experts in different disciplines. We are specialized in infectious diseases prevention, treatment and control national policies, strategies and interventions like HIV AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria, other public health important conditions, neglected tropical diseases, safety precautions, risk assessments both at home and  work place, WASH principles and practices, sanitation requirements,  environmental protection and climate change.

The founding members of Nitsuh Ethiopia have hands on experience in providing wide range of consultancy services. We are experienced in writing grant winning technical and financial proposals on behalf of our customers, research protocols, training materials nation policy documents and strategies, quick assessments and different type of studies.

 Our approach provides due  emphases on the health of  the entire ecosystem based on the peculiar characteristics of each component owing the chemical, physical, biological,  social environments and their interactions.

The consultancy services ranging from applications of Nano technologies for the identification and bounding of pollutants to community lead interventions, integrated environmental and infectious diseases impact assessment for any developmental projects, research and training. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further details and any opportunity of working together,   Click here.