Media Programs 

The mission of Nitsuh Ethiopia is to contribute for social transformation on Health, Safety, Hygiene, Sanitation and Environmental Protection using communication for change as main approach and mass media in particular as a tool. Nitsuh Ethiopia bevies provision of basic and right information, reinforcement of positive attitude for action are the foundations for the envisioned social transformation to become real.

The society deserves to know the truth about:

  • The root causes and source of each diseases episodes that affect the survival, quality of life and dignity of the population in aggregate.
  • Chemicals they handled and exposed to in their day to day life.
  • The short term and long term benefits and impacts of different projects coming to their vicinity.
  • The consequences of their actions for the entire ecosystem in the ambient environment.

We are decimating the required information using multimedia outlets including hosting radio and TV shows, social media and this website through production of edutainment programs and documentary films.   

Nitsuh Ethiopia focuses on the role of each citizen for their health, safety, dignity and sustainability of the environment than aggregate and diffused responsibilities. We believe that every member of the ecosystem has responsibility for the survival and sustainability of the precursor, Mother Nature.   

We have finalized all the necessary preparations to broadcast the brand new Man & Environment radio show in collaboration with Fana broadcasting corporate every Tuesday for one hour. You can also listen broadcasted sessions with the like in this website; we will announce all the details of the program once started, please follow us or like our Facebook page, to get the updates. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further details or for any chance of working together by productions of media outlets or by sponsoring our radio show, click here.

Nitsuh Ethiopia Environmental services built acoustic studio fitted with up-to-date recording equipment attached to its office in front of Megenagna round about, Metebaber building 6th floor, you are most welcome to use this facility with fair deal and attractive offers, click here.