Man & Environment ‘ሰውና አካባቢ’ radio show will work diligently to address set of problems and challenges of our society through broadcasting edutainment programs. The radio show will have two components that will be broadcasted weekly for one hour. The Components are Health and Safety in one loop whereas Sanitation, Hygiene and Environmental protection in the other loop.

We will use a variety of presentation methods includes series of drama, storytelling, narration and interviews. Current affairs of the discipline, Life in cities/ኑሮ በከተማ, the journey of Gudu Kassa / ፍኖተ ጉዱ ካሣ፣ the research corner/ ከምርምር ማህደር will be the sub sections and brand program of the show that will be run for a minimum of 6 months as one season.

Broadcasted programs will be uploaded by week once on air: 

Please be by the side of the:

  • Environment we live in,
  • The health and dignity of the people and country we love and we proud on!

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 Our business model is the major problem and concern of the society that needs to be addressed with scientific approaches!