Where we work

The Headquarter of Nitsuh Ethiopia is based Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (click here).  We placed in idea geographical location, a cross road to the old world. Our proximity, the design of our organization and professional links we have, gave us a platform to provide professional services all over the world in different cooperation modalities.

The established connections and extensive work experience we have in the developing world, mostly countries in Africa, the Middle East and South East Asia which are currently in the state of fast change and having vibrant economy are considered as huge market opportunities for our professional services.

The presence of world class African Airlines with better connection in the region is our additional advantage to provide TA/consultancy services including managing emergency situations, analysis and designing of mitigation strategies for emerging health threats and outbreaks in a single sprint or with minimum transit /stop overs.

It is also possible to provide distances technical support or experience sharing services with or without project/ liaison offices anywhere based on the demand and interest of our esteemed clients in addition to the classical fly in consultancy service (Click here to contact us).