Nitsuh Ethiopia Environmental Services PLC:  

Nitsuh Ethiopia is a registered private organization established in May 2016 after a decade of brainstorming, investigation of problems, thorough gap analysis by educated and experienced professionals both at national and international level  in the field of Public health, Infectious diseases, Environmental health,  Engineering, Sociology, Nutrition, Environmental science, Journalism and Communications.

The main focus areas of Nitsuh Ethiopia are: Health, Safety and Environment, mainstreamed   with wider set of the complex ecosystem we live in than the short term benefit of the single and dominant species, human beings. For better understanding and study our environment is subdivide in to four broad categories:

  • The Biological Environment
  • The Chemical Environment
  • The Physical Environment and
  • The Social Environment and their interactions.

 Nitsuh Ethiopia is inspired to contribute for social transformation that ensures the creation and propagation of informed and rational society that can understand the complex nature of the environment and act responsibly as a determinant patron, through delivering integrated professional services for clients and the general public. Our main services are: Consultancy and Research, Environmental and or Infectious Diseases Impact Assessments (EIA/IIA) for different projects and clients, training and host media programs to create awareness and promote actions for healthier life style, clean, green, safe and conducive working and living environment, wise and selective utilization of pesticides, herbicides, other natural and synthetic elements,  compounds and   carcinogen substances.

Our Vision:

To see healthier, safer, happier and informed society living in a clean, green and well maintained ecosystem.

Our Mission: 

To contribute for social transformation on health, safety, hygiene, sanitation and environmental protection through wide range of professional services and need based activities.

Guiding Principles: 

The central principles of Nitsuh Ethiopia are:

  1. To be with the people, down to the earth, engagement and inclusive process.
  2. All services and products shall be need based and sustainable.
  3. Be part of the solution and focused on the long term effect and implications.
  4. High quality professional services.
  5. In-depth analysis and self-sustained business.

Ethical Standards:

Nitsuh Ethiopia Environment Services PLC management and Staff functions with high level of professional ethics and quality standards. Remains independent of the work and generates evidence based recommendations to maintain personal as well as organizational integrity and reputation.

Core Values:

  • Passionate to be center of excellence and resource center: We are striving to excel in all aspect of our services and to  be center of excellence and a resource center  in health, safety, environment and communication for development in the region  that can fit with the emerging need and rising  economy of Africa and the rest of developing world.
  •  Customer Oriented Services: NET management and staff are trained and organized to deliver professional services that can satisfy the need and expectations of our esteemed customers in particular and the beneficiary society at large.
  • Open communication, equity, engagement: Client and community is the center of our functions, engagement of all could be affected and concerned parties, equitable and respectful services to ensured sustainability.
  • Innovation, skill and technology transfer: Follow innovative approaches in all our services, time and cost conscious, view any business in different perspectives, document and share innovations, lessons learned for skill and technology transfer both for local and international communities.   
  • Partnership: Any individual and or organizations, could be private, public, NGO/CSO, governmental, affiliated societies, clubs etc. concerned with the issue of public health, safety and environment and inspired for positive change and social transformation are most welcome to work with us in partnership for mutual benefit and sustainable ecofriendly businesses and developments.
  • Biased to nature, coexistence, equity and sustainability: We believe that the environment is the source of everything, every civilization emanated from exploring and understanding of the environment. Noting exists without function in the ecosystem; we valued all lives and natural existence. Any business that negatively affects the environment will not sustain and the backlash will be unbearable. We work diligently to enable the society to understand their environment.