Work with us by Sponsoring  “Man & Environment” Radio Show that focus on Health, Safety and Environment in Ethiopia or if you have any project that needs:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).
  • Environmental Audit (EA).
  • Infectious diseases  Impact Assessments (IIA).
  • Training needs on health, management and control of public health important diseases and conditions.
  •  Patient communication and communication for change.
  • Safety Requirements and Standards (SRS).
  • Technical support to qualify for different national and  international standards and certificates (ISO-14000, ISO-9000, ISO-18000, ISO-22000, GAP, GMP, WRAP etc) 
  • Technical Assistance in grant making, proposal writing, baseline surveys, mid and end term project evaluations.
  • WASH principles and practices, Hygiene, Environmental Protection, Climate change both at policy and end users  level.
  • Technical support in designing research projects, manage research projects, analysis and interpretation of findings. 
  • Preparation of policy documents and policy briefs. 
  • Production of media products, series of drams, films and documentaries.
  • Any other ideas you may have, 

Please contact our office for the details: 

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Call us, land line: +251 118 67 87 67,  Cell phone:  +251 911 67 29 12 12

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